~A Healer does not heal you.
A Healer is someone who holds space for you
while you awaken your inner healer
so that you may heal yourself~
— Maryam Hasnaa

BodyTalk does not diagnose or treat symptoms. Instead, BodyTalk treats the root cause of pain and/or illness.


BodyTalk helps to bring the nervous system out of emergency mode, so that the body's natural ability to heal can resume.  The practitioner uses light hand contact and very gentle tapping.  the tapping on the head, heart and gut helps the bodymind to begin to work better as a unified team. 

BodyTalk is the first modality to use research on activation of the body's surface electrical field to effect the body's internal physiology.  Tapping helps to get the nervous system talking to the areas that were shut down.

Body talk uses specific techniques, tapping into the body's inate wisdom to determine the areas of priority, and begin to find root causes.  After a BodyTalk session, clients continue to feel positive changes long after as their bodies continue to heal. 

" I started BodyTalk with no real health issue, but the changes in my health were immediate. I leave  feeling relieved and calm, I am less resentful & feel the most authentic I have ever felt! I feel strongly that my heart and my body are getting to say what they need for the very first time."   T.P.